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Actation Now! specializes in writing for semantic search. Our monthly newsletter serves up articles, events, and videos to help you write content that begins conversation with website visitors. Join the select group of businesses who work with Actation Now! to grow their web presence to gain new clients.

When you join our conversation list, we'll send you our free strategic planning questionnaire Before You Meet Your Web Designer only available to Update News members. Even if you have a website now, this questionnaire will help you think through your current business needs for the most targeted way to structure your website.

Founder, Zara Altair, specializes in Semantic Writing for website content and blogs, as well as press releases, e-books, and more.

We assist our clients in building web presence with website hosting, website design, semantic writing, search engine optimization, and social media setup and ongoing maintenance. All services are designed to steer your web presence toward customer acquisition.

Update News! connects you to weekly information from live broadcasts, downloadable podcasts, and weekly articles with actionable tips for business owners to implement now. 

Join us by filling out the form. We'll send your exclusive first step Before You Meet Your Web Designer.

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